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Nutrition is essential for growth and development, health and wellbeing. Eating a healthy diet contributes greatly to preventing future illnesses and improving the overall quality and length of your life, your nutritional status is the state of your health as determined by what you eat. Lab Tests Direct aims to assist you in ensuring you receive the necessary nutritional value your body needs.

One of the most common problems identified within Australia is iron deficiency, iron is needed to help form adequate numbers of red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. Low iron levels can lead to anaemia, whereby which the body does not have enough red blood cells and can lead to fatigue and a lack of energy. Iron deficiency is a reflection of poor dietary intake, poor absorption or excessive loss of iron through bleeding as such it is vitally important to find the cause of iron deficiency as it may indicate important underlying diseases. Lab Tests Direct provides an Iron Status Screen which as the name suggests, is a screening test used to measure how much iron you have in your blood, as well as the amount of iron you have stored in your body. It is recommended that you order this test if you are experiencing:

  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Pale looking
  • Dizziness

Additionally, in the past 10 years, many Australians have turned to omega-3 fish oil supplementation which has benefits for healthy people and those with heart disease. With Lab Tests Direct, you can order an Omega 3 Index Screen which informs you of your Omega 3-index value and can help with your omega 3 levels and will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to your life for a healthier nutritional body. Some of the benefits of having your Omega 3 levels tested are:

  • Sufficient Omega-3 intake is important for heart, brain, and joint health
  • Insufficient levels omega-3s are related to increased risk for fatal heart attack and depression
  • Knowing your blood levels of omega-3s can be improved by simple dietary changes
  • The only way to know your blood level of omega-3s is by measuring it, with the Omega-3 Index test