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Allergies & Sensitivities

Food Intolerance Panel (100 Foods)


Allergies & Sensitivities

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Allergies & Sensitivities

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Allergies & Sensitivities

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Allergies & Sensitivities

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Maintaining your health is a crucial part to leading a cleaner and brighter every-day life, that’s why when allergies & sensitives occur from foods, environmental factors, and deficiency's, it can lead to a serious strain on your well-being. Thankfully, Lab Tests Direct has established several different methods to combat these day-to-day problems and help you lead a healthier tomorrow.

Lab Tests Direct offers a variety of different options for customers to choose from, one of our more popular selections is the Food Intolerance Panel which is a blood test taken by a certified nurse at the comfort of your home, the whole blood sample which contains all of the immune factors are then tested using the ALCAT diagnostic system which detects changes in the size and number of leucocytes (i.e. immune cells) in response to exposure to the offending foods, chemicals, additives, herbs, and moulds. This will help you to better understand what is and isn’t good for your body.

To ensure you’re eating what’s right for you, you can try our Food Sensitivity Testing which is a convenient home collection kit that screens for 96 commonly consumed foods and can help determine whether food reactions are contributing to physical or mental symptoms as well as eliminating all identified food allergens after testing which will reduce stress on the immune system, decrease inflammation, resolve food craving and reduce the potential of eating disorders.

You also have the option to choose from our Skin Fit DNA Profile which genetic test that analyses over 70 genetic markers associated with seven categories of skin health, and based on the individuals unique genetics, it provides you with an easy-to-read report which has personalised skincare treatment choices.

With Lab Tests Directs a variety of options are available for testing Allergies & Sensitives, you can select from the choices that best suit you and as well as being able to rest assured knowing that you’re in the care of well-trained industry professionals.