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The incredible complexity of the gut and its importance to our overall health is a topic of increasing research in the medical community. Studies support the links between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, auto-immune diseases and endocrine disorders. The microbes in our gut have been drastically altered due to an increase consumption of sugar, processed foods, alcohol, antibiotic medication and lack of sleep in the typical modern diet and lifestyle. Studies have shown that we consume the same type of food all year long, meaning we don’t eat with the season. In the past, we would cycle between fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains through the season. We would eat what is fresh and available to each season whilst having to wait months for other seasonal fruits to return. Nowadays, we have been taught to have a balanced diet by balancing all our food groups in our daily meals, but we often tend to eat the same foods, our most favorite foods all year round.

In order to fortify our diets with foods high in fibre, vitals, and nutrients to compensate for our lack of changing foods, we can now do the same thing to the help with the polyphenols in our foods. A Modbiotic is a group of natural compounds including polyphenols that are essential to maintaining a healthy and diverse gut microbiome. Ultimately, a diverse microbiome is the epicentre of good gut health.

Lab Tests Direct introduces ATP Science GutRight which is a Modbiotic formulation that is concentrated with naturally healthy Modbiotic compounds that were once found in abundance from a traditional diet, however it’s something we now simply aren’t eating enough of in our modern diets. In conjunction with other superfood ingredients such as acai berry and kale leaf and sprout, GutRight will support the gut health balance we historically once had.