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Detoxification (detox for short) is a type of alternative medicine treatment which aims to rid the body of unspecified “toxins” as well as to improve health and promote weight loss. Detoxification provides a variety of benefits, it can help you feel more vibrant and energised, and gives you the fuel you need to complete your daily tasks. It also works in the ways you can’t see, eliminating the toxins through kidneys, intestines, lung, lymphatic system and skin. As such, Lab Tests Direct offers you one of the freshest and healthiest nutritional supplement you’ll ever have. With the ATP Science Multifood, you can shake off the old and welcome the new. Help the body naturally detox itself with a splash of sweet guava and lemon peel as the vitamins and minerals from the organic, natural sources are efficiently absorbed into your system. Multifood is created from real, whole foods that deliver the essential micronutrients into the system allowing for ultimate system purification. You can order the Multifood supplement at the simple click of a button, and have it delivered straight you deep within only a matter of time.

Although Lab Tests Direct lacks with offering a variety for your Detox needs, Lab Tests Direct makes up for it by being committed to giving you nothing but the healthiest products available. That’s why they’ve developed the Multifood using real whole food alongside the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to cleanse your body and have you feeling like a temple.